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Welcome to the UTK Astronomy Lab website. This page contains all the materials you will need for our Astronomy Labs.

All Astronomy 153 and 154 students are required to complete one evening of Rooftop Telescope Labs (T-Labs), and the Lunar Observation Lab (LOL). The T-lab session counts for 10% of the overall lab grade. The LOL counts for 5% of the overall lab grade. The T-Lab and LOL are required to write the two T-lab reports due at the end of the semester. All students will also have to complete three lab reports: T-Lab Report 1: Naked-Eye Observations, T-lab Report 2: Telescopic Observations, and the LOL Report. Each report is worth 5% of the overall lab grade. In-class Labs are worth 70% of the overall lab grade.

T-Labs will begin near the middle to end of January. Signups for T-Labs are will be available online at that time. See the Telescope Labs section for more details.

We are trying a new T-lab schedule this semester that is based on the weather. T-labs will be made available for 7 - 8 weeks, so make sure to sign up as soon as possible! Knoxville weather does not allow for rooftop observations often, so when your instructor tells you what days are available, SIGN UP THEN! You will be held responsible for getting the T-lab done, so do not wait until the last minute!

See the class links on the left for this semester's lab schedule. See the exercises link on the left for PDF copies of the lab exercises and any links required to complete a lab.

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