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Lunar Observation Labs

The Lunar Observation Labs (LOL) consists of making a minimum of ten naked-eye observations of the Moon over the course of five weeks (two observations per week). These observations are made at the convenience of the student (both time and location), and the student is required to begin their lunar observations starting the week of February 11. In addition to the filling out the paper data sheets, students will report their observations through the link below. The TA will check this list weekly to ensure that each student has been making the required observations. Having properly spaced-out observations (about 2 per week) is worth 25% of the LOL grade. The LOLs should be completed before lab on the week of March 25, 2019, and are worth 10% of the 153 and 154 lab grades.

The Lab with instructions can be found here: Lunar Observation Lab

The Data Sheet that students should fill out while making observations is here: Lunar Data Sheet

The online form to report observations is accessed here: Lunar Observation Reporting Form - Spring 2019. You must be logged into Google with your UTK credentials to access the form. Personal gmail accounts will not have access.

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