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Astronomy Weather
Astronomy is weather dependant Jay didnt you know that!
To use the telescopes, the skies must be clear enough to see stars!

T-Lab Weather
To determine whether we can hold T-Labs each night, we first look up!
If it is rainy or grey with clouds, we cannot do astronomy!
Knoxville weather can be tricky though, so we also have several other tools to help the decision.
A) The Knoxville Clear Sky Chart is a good place to begin. The website has instructions on how to read the chart.
B) Local cloud cover is important too. The Weather Channel radar has an option to show clouds at the bottom of the radar window.
C) We can get a very good idea of what cloud cover will be like over the whole area with the 48-Hour Cloud Cover Map. The Lawrenceville Weather map shows very accurate coverage in three-hour increments.
D) Weather Ninja is a handy utility from the good folks at CCDWare. It displays a Clear Sky Clock and various satellite and forecast maps.

Sometimes, despite all of the tools we use, we still make a wrong decision about the weather. Knoxville weather can change dramatically in a matter of minutes, and the radar systems are far from perfect. But if your lab gets cancelled, just sign up for the next session!